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Liberty EdD Overview  


EDUC 730 Instructional Technology



Associated Term: Summer 2015
Grade Mode: Standard
Credits: 3.000
Level: Doctorate
Campus: LU-Intensive!



curriculum minds baseline formats.pptx



  •          Johnson, L.,Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012). The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition.Austin,Texas: The New Media Consortium. ()
  •          Johnson, L., Adams, S., and Cummins, M. (2012).  NMC Horizon Report: 2012 K-12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium. (wp.nmc.org)
    • A USB flash drive (1 GB recommended) or a portable external hard drive.  
  • 2015-nmc-horizon-report-HE-EN.pdf    2014-nmc-horizon-report-k12-EN.pdf  


American Psychological Association. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (Current ed.). Washington, DC: Author.





Checklist                                           2/2
Literature Review Group Signup     Use the Discussion Board area to respond to one of the six group options to sign up. Each group should contain two to four members. Read the attached document in the Literature Review Preparation Instructions first. <NOTE: Signed for the Learning Analytics Group>  
Blog                                               Please create a blog. Add a first entry about your thoughts about technology in general before our intensive begins.  


Glossary Quiz 1    34/34
Glossary Quiz 2     33/33 
Glossary Quiz 3     33/33 

 DUE: Research Group Signup, Initial Research, Quizzes 1, 2, 3, Blog Post

NOTES:  8 June.docx  08 June.docx


Blog #1

Back in the day . . . 

Posted by  Deborah Davis  at Thursday, May 28, 2015 6:30:54 AM EDT

     "When I was a young adult, I received an Associates in Computer Programming.  I learned to use punch cards for RPG programming.  The most advanced thing program we had was Assembler 365.  We did our debugging with a vacuum cleaner, and the mainframe was housed in a room that was about 50' x 75' and highly air conditioned.  I am constantly amazed at my phone.  It houses more computer power than we ever thought possible, back in the day.  Throughout my professional life, I typed on manual typewriters, then electric typewriters, then electronic typewriters, then large word processing machines, and eventually, on desktop and portable (luggable) computers.  I was nearing the end of my full-time career when laptops were viable, and diskettes had moved to three and a half inches.  

     "Trying to keep up with the times has been an amazing effort.  While I managed well enough through Windows 7, Windows 8 has been a real challenge for me.  Touch screens and Smart boards bring a versatility to my classroom that excites me with the options now available.  While I don't understand all the new technology available these days, and I'm sure there is much more to come, I look forward to learning to use these new tools to a greater efficacy.  I know that any new technology in my classroom will aid in engaging my students to their benefit!"

Students will be required to participate in all daily activities, and to maintain a blog reflecting on each day’s activities. This will be at least set up on the first day of our meetings together.  Each day (evening) you will be required to enter a new post.  For week-long intensives it would be Monday through Thursday evenings.  For semester intensives on weekends, once after each weekend meeting.
 Foundations/ Philosophical Meanderings     
Research/ Endnote (ILRC)  (Bumped to day 2)   

 Assignment Explanations


 Documents/ Collaboration

Presentation/ Portfolios/ Non-linear    
DAY TWO  DUE: Blog Post #2 -- Deb to ask about the inclusion of a "storyline" within the lit review based on Dr. Dunn's emphasis upon an fun and interesting group name.  09 June.docx  
Blog #2

Nerves - At this point, with this much experience and this much know-how, one would think that the butterflies would at least fly in formation.  But, instead, I feel the flutters of nerves as the morning begins.  As the day goes onward, I know that my senses will settle, and I will become comfortable with the classroom environment again.  For the moment, however, nerves are aflutter.     As the prof presented the information, I found myself relaxing.  The history of memory use resonated with me from my early days in computer sciences and programming.  

    The trip down memory lane aided me in relaxing and being open to learning the paths open to us.  Then, the lights went out and my anxiety rose.  I was near edging into hyperventilation and using tools for bio-feedback to relieve and distract me when we broke for the dissertation brief and lunch.  By the time we returned from lunch, I was back on focus and the lights stayed lit.  The afternoon allowed for discussion of the requirements for the lit review.  Focus was given on the need for published research articles vice best practices.  For the individual prospectus, take what we have learned about our singular issue sub-trend as the basis of a hypothetical research project.  

    This afternoon culminated with a dynamic work session within our team.  We are blessed to be well balanced and appropriately focused.  There are no slackers in this group and our presentation will be wonderful I have no doubt. We found that we have a creative theme captured within our group, and I am hopeful it will be approved.  If not, we will rein it in and move forward in a slightly less creative manner.  The topic is fascinating, and I feel I am learning new things constantly.  

 Photography Editing/ Digital Capture    
 iPads/ Tablets    
 Data Analysis Tools/ Processes    
 Online Community / Beginnings A mental transition to being a part of the group. 
DAY THREE DUE: Blog Post #3  10 June.docx  
Blog #3 http://educ730debdavis.blogspot.com/   

Research Process


Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)


Mobile/ Tablet


http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=288557  -- http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=288141



DUE: Blog Post #4   11 June.docx

Play Day -- not meant to be stressful

Blog #4    
Audio Development/ Projects / Podcasts    
Multimedia/ Video Production    
DAY FIVE DUE: Lit Review Presentation, Blog Post #5   50/50 
B;og #5    

45 minutes each, for six groups -- should be done by 1  -- REVIEW researched published literature on a specific topic

EDUC730_LitRevRubric.docx  EDUC 730 Lit Review Assignment(2).docx     Our foci -- Big Data (William); Traits in Translation (Deb); Positive Predictions (Scott)

10 minute overview and vignette -- elements and findings --  then summarize

  Literature Review  200/200 
  THREE WEEKS AFTER END OF INTENSIVE WEEK  6/28  (7/3/2015)!  http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=290148  
DUE: WebQuest

Students will develop a WebQuest following the general procedures for WebQuest development as identified in the course session. The basic requirements for this assignment are:

  • Develop a WebQuest in the student’s general area of instructional interest/ expertise.
  • Use www.zunal.com or the WebQuest templates in Microsoft Word. 
  • Follow the rubric for guidelines.

               -  Focus on both a student page and a teacher page
               -  Develop procedures that are appropriate for the intended grade level
               -  Use sources and procedures that harness the power of current technology
               -  Be sure that the assessment procedures are appropriate
               -  Be sure that the task is both interesting/ engaging and relevant

Basic Powerpoint for transition to WebQuest ==>> Writing to Analyze Images.pptx


DUE: Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan

Students will develop a lesson (or group of lessons) that integrates technology into the pedagogical elements for the purpose of flippinga classroom  This will be due two weeks after the last day of the intensive.  

The basic requirements for this assignment are:

-       Students will develop a flipped classroom lesson plan that incorporates technology focusing on the direct instruction component delivery in a student self-directed format.  This i often done using video screen capture, multimedia audio production or some other effective presentation system. 

-       The lesson must sufficiently identify the core components (objectives, assessments, learning activities).  No specific technologies are being prescribed overall, but students should be careful to choose appropriate technologies for the learning and to effectively present concepts, materials and demonstrations for self-directed student learning, and that these choices were made in the context of the content, the diversity of the class, and for the skills already present.

-       Students will also need to identify the accompanying state and national standards, the general goal(s) for the lesson, and the required resources and materials for the implementation.

-       Students should conceptualize both the out-of-class activities (and develop accompanying materials) and in-class activities (group practice, differentiated activities, etc).

-       Diagnostic, formative and summative assessments should be identified where appropriate.

-       Students turn in all materials by posting them into an online hosted environment (with embedded videos and all) and provide a link in the Blackboard submission area.

DUE: Instructional Video

Overall Assignment Description

Create an instructional video using one of the TYPES of technology:

  • ·        
  • ·        
  • ·         Video using webcam built into laptop
  • ·         Pieced together video using various assets using MovieMaker, iMovie, or WeVideo
  • ·         Photo based video using MovieMaker, iMovie, WeVideo or PhotoStory

You will need to explain a skill, demonstrate a skill or teach in general a skill.  This can be recorded by you or with someone’s help.  The video must be at least 1 minute long and no longer than 5 minutes.  It must include visuals and audio.  And finally it must be uploaded to a sharing location (like Youtube, SchoolTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, or even DropBox or Box.Net).

DUE: Prospectus   EDUC730_ProspectusRubric.docx  EDUC730_Prospectus.doc    Prospectus_Davis.docx 190/200 
TOTAL 947/1002

Traits and Attributes.docx      EDUC730_Prospectus(1).doc      Overview and Definition info.docx      EDUC730_Literature_Review_Deborah_Davis.docx  




   Link here to:  Liberty EdD Overview



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