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EDCI 6604 Front Page

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M Ed Front Page


This is the front page for:

EDCI6604-51 Adv. Assessment/Curr. & Instr. 3.00 LT

Sturgeon, Douglas A 


05:30-07:40PM (10/11/2010 - 12/10/2010)

10/11/2010 -

MAIN / EDU / 105


Measurement & Assessment in Education

2nd ed.

By Carl Reynolds

ISBN:  10:  0205579345

Office Hours:  Monday 2-3, Tuesday & Thursday 1:45-3:15


Syllabus to be added when available.

Date Session Name Materials Assignment
09/02 Pre-Session

ASA CFP Submissionedci6604-asa cfp submission.docx

Submit for presentation prior to 9/25/10
10/12 Opening Class Session 

Review of current status of students

The Teacher-Leader Endorsement

Check the schedule -- we want to watch Waiting for Superman 

Appalachian Studies Conferences responses will be out soon.

Review of the Annie E Casey Foundation (aecf.org)

 Notes of data on poverty among children  - - -

 This site provides lots of data that can be pulled by county.

We will be looking at reputable data sources.

  What is the benefit?  Streamline resources by predictable trends. 

        Selecting a community . . . Encourage students . . . Educate parents 

Every week, different data -- how does it impact your community/school/etc. 

10/19 Elluminate 

I:  Update on Graduate Projects—be prepared to share where you are with your project

II:   Informational items as needed from Sturgeon

III:  Opening Discussion:   Angie McCallister to restate or paraphrase her statement about college preparation last week. Think back, she said “I don’t want everyone to be a doctor or lawyer,  when I need my roof fixed I need someone to come do it”   I know I am now quoting exactly but her statement has stuck in my mind all week!!!!   I completely agree with the point she raised!!!!

What do you think of what she said?
Do we assess children in a manner that ‘fits’ with what she said?

Do our school curricular offerings ‘fit’ with this?

Do our NCLB  school and district assessments measure this outcome?

IV:  PowerPoint review—rough form in course documents


V:   What is expected for this class?
VI:  Spring schedule information.

Read first two chapters -- 1-161. 
10/26 Elluminate 

I:  Research updates/IRB approvals

II:  Celebration of Scholarship:  submit to present. - can do but is not required.

III:   ASA Notifications (11/15/10)  Scholarship Application (up by 12/15/10)

IV:   Chapter Review

ekhannah3oak: item difficulty index percentages

DEB MAUK: the suggestion of being forced to give as many F's as A's

ekhannah3oak: I never think about the number of kids only


V:  In depth data project.

NOTE:  Next week

Read Chapter six 
11/02 Elluminate 
  1.  What role, in the capacity of employed teacher, do you see each of us having in the electoral process?  With Students?   With the general public?  As public employees?   

                     The most important thing we can do is encourage students to learn about issues and to be responsible and consistent voters!

  1.  What do you see as the most pressing  educational issues at the National Level?
    1. IDEIA reauthorization
    2. NCLB reauthorization
    3. Federal Funding (Title 1 (old ESEA), Special Education, Vocational Education)
    4. Classroom contact time (longer days, longer years)
    5. Continuation of the USDoE?
    6. Other



  1.  What do you see as the most pressing educational issues at the State Level?
    1. DeRolph Decision
    2. Teacher benefits
    3.  Rural v urban issues
    4. Assessment and Standards
    5. Governance (OBR and ODE)
  2.  Chapter Discussion 
Chapter 12 
11/09 Elluminate 

1-capstone updates

2-chapter review

     LaReau's research on social reproduction and social transformation 

3-no class Thanksgiving week!

4- 11/30 class F2F

5-review final exam from blackboard

6-everything du 12/7/10 at 7PM via email. 

Chapter 13 
11/16 Elluminate    Chapter 16 
11/30 Face-to-Face (5:30PM) MOVIE:  Waiting for Superman   
12/07 Final Reaction questions due.   



Ohio has a new endorsement -- the Teacher-Leader Endorsement.  This is an actual license, but has these requirements:  Masters degree, four years teaching, a few extra classes.   Piloted at Ohio Dominican, Wright, and somewhere else.  These extra courses would not count for anything except "plus" hours.  The four courses would be on methods of feedback, etc.  Some schools are providing it as a two by two after the Masters is complete.  The new teacher residency piece is an evolving target.  "Every baby chick is ugly when it hatches."  How does it differ from Pathwise training?  This would be a new replacement program.  The last group of people who received a five year license are finished.  So, now it is evolving as to the four-year residency requirement.  There would be a two year license, then another two year license, then a professional license.  They are presenting this as if it were a "residency" method.  The idea of the mentoring would be a declining dependence.  Interest level would be moderate among this cohort.  Note:  The number of credit hours has not been delineated.  Whether or not there would be additional pay for those with this endorsement has not been determined -- likely a district-by-district decision. 


Waiting for Superman produced by the same guy who did that movie about global warming (An Inconvenient Truth..  Focuses on how ineffective teachers are. . . . .  but good teachers should not be offended because they know they are good. 

AFT Union pres in the movie.  NEA not involved.

"Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim reminds us that education "statistics" have names: Anthony, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, and Emily, whose stories make up the engrossing foundation of WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. As he follows a handful of promising kids through a system that inhibits, rather than encourages, academic growth, Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying "drop-out factories" and "academic sinkholes," methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems." (IMDB)




Advisory notice:  New due date for papers:  15MARCH2010 -- Therefore, the advisor and the student each select an additional reader for a total of three.  If, however, the paper is approved by those three, then graduation is approved.


Course Requirements (100 points Each—500 points total)


Complete Battelle value added modules on the web


go to activity and work through the scavenger hunt to complete this task!

review complete 10/30/10 - note:  Module 2 graphic very explanatory! 

emailed submission 11/4/10


Identify YOUR security systems overseeing state or college entrance testing - MICHELLE!

How does your school handle security on testing contents, results, etc. . .

interviewed Michelle Patrick 11/2/10; collected document 11/4/10. Security measures for testing 2010.docx

Complete a test data analysis for one grade and one subject and identify specific instructional gaps - will work on in class as class project!


 Complete proposal submission (attendance is not necessary to the Appalachian Studies Conference—due by September 24, 2010)—see weblink and attached materials .   http://www.appalachianstudies.org/conference/  

You need to provide the verification you receive of acceptance or denial in November as proof of your completion. 

 COMPLETED 09/20/2010

rejection recd 11/16/2010

forwarded to dsturgeon same


Final Assessment:  Complete a detailed written analysis of one chapter from the 2009 Digest of educational Statistics


You need to address all parts in the chapter you choose and provide a detailed overview of what you reviewed, learned and your reflection.  These will be presented to the class from each individual during the last two class sessions. 

enrollment data for your district -- if declining, see if there is a plot of reasons.

enrollment data -- if increasing -- plot reasons

how does this impact my classroom.

pick an issue . . . that no one seems to look at effectively . . . do these stats affect it?

pick at least three tables . . . http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d09/ch_3.asp


My question:  Why are students graduating high school unready for college?

digest ed stats present.pptx







  M Ed Front Page



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