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M Ed Front Page

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 WE DID IT! Congratulations, us!





The Shawnee State University Masters of Education (Curriculum Instruction) program has begun!

The first Cohort matriculated in August of 2009 and Commencement is anticipated in May of 2011!

Intended schedule is below -- as with all things, subject to change! 

Term Session Name Instructor Link

Fall 2009-1

EDUC 5502

Technology Integration for Learning

Dr. Xianxian Huang

EDUC 5502-Course Documents

EDUC5502 Course Docs

Fall 2009-2

EDUC 5501

Cognitive and Motivational Theory

Dr. Valerie Myers EDUC 5501 Front Page

Spring 2010-1

EDCI 6605

Critical Studies in Multicultural Education 

Dr. Xianxian Huang

EDCI-6605 Front Page

Spring 2010-2

EDUC 5504

Educational Data Analysis 

Dr. Valerie Myers 

EDUC-5504 Front Page

Summer 2010-1

EDCI 6601

Principals of Curriculum Theory 

Dr. Keijing Liu 

EDCI-6601 Front Page

Summer 2010-2

EDUC 5503

Philosophy of Educational Professional Ethics 

Dr. Kenneth Carlson 

EDUC 5503 Front Page

Summer 2010-3


EDUC 5501/5

Educational Research 

Dr. Douglas Sturgeon 

EDUC 5505 Front Page

Fall 2010-1

EDCI 6603-51

Curriculum and Planning Implementation 

Dr. Kenneth Carlson

EDCI 6603 Front Page 

Fall 2010-2

EDCI 6604-51

Advanced Assessment in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Douglas Sturgeon

EDCI 6604 Front Page 

Fall 2010-3

EDUC 5509-04

Research and Practice

Dr. Valerie Myers

EDUC 5509 Front Page

Spring 2010-1

EDUC 5506 - Capstone Seminar 

EDUC 5508 - Capstone Project 


Dr. Douglas Sturgeon

Dr. Valerie Myers

capstone docs is for both the below

EDUC 5506 Front Page

EDUC 5508 Front Page


Spring 2010-2

EDCI 6606

Teachers as Leaders

Dr. Douglas Sturgeon


EDCI 6606 Front Page 


miscellany front page

debdavis pbworks front page



research notes front page


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Paula Baumgardner said

at 8:01 pm on May 1, 2010

I really like this page!!! You did a great job organizing our classes.

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